Ano company provides all kinds of advertising and promotions
and the most important :
 The plays: Ano company creates entertaining theatrical shows of all kinds
Cinemas: Ano creates various cinematic shows with the help of the most qualified staff for photography and editing

Meetings and conferences: Ano company prepares and prepares internal and external commercial and international conferences
Exhibitions: Ano company coordinates exhibitions of all kinds and activities
Openings: Ano Company coordinates opening ceremonies for malls, stores, factories and companies
Parties: Ano company organizes various concerts in all states of the country, including weddings, cocktails, musicals, and entertainment parties for children

Coordination of events and exhibitions in the field (drawing, structures, photography, music, artistic and scientific activities)
In addition to coordinating advertisements and showcasing programs for governmental and tourism institutions
And design, development, coordination and creation of advertising campaigns, market study and financing activities
And the possibility of advertising for products, companies, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations ....