The definitive treatment for the lack of mustache on the upper lip or for the hair loss is the mustache transplantation. The hair roots to be transplanted for the replacement of mustache, are extracted from the nape similar to hair transplantation. For this, the hairy skin strip is cut and sliced into hair roots one by one. Afterwards, the hair roots are transplanted one by one to the mustache-lacking areas.


The transplanted hair roots keep their previous characteristics and the mustache continues growing. Therefore the mustache should be cut periodically. When the hair roots are transplanted so close to each other, they can not be fed. That’s why the transplantation density should allow them to be fed. After the transplantation following the growth of the hair, (after 4-6 months),re-transplantation may be made to rare mustache areas.


Scars, surgical scars, burn scars, mustache losses may completely be masked by transplantation. No-beard cases may also be treated through mustache transplantation. Only FUE technique should be applied in mustache transplantation because in FUT method the results are not satisfying. The hair roots extracted by 0.6-0.7 mm devices without using motors, concurrently should be transplanted without cutting the skin thus the transplantation process shortens and root necrosis may not occur since the roots are immediately transplanted.


Using thin tips avoid scars on the transplantation area during both extraction and transplantation.


The person self-determines the limits and the density of the transplantation.


When 1000 roots are transplanted to someone with no mustache at all, the no-beard appearance will be removed but if the more dense beard is needed than the number may be increased. In the event that the beard transplantation is made through FUE technique, no matter if it is dense or rare, it looks so natural that a hairdresser would not recognize the transplantation.


By FUE technique, demanded the number of roots can be extracted and transplanted to the mustache area considering the natural development angle. The mustache transplantation is such an important operation which may not be made by assistant staff so it must be applied by the doctor himself/herself.