Health Tourism


ANO Group International Health Tourism offers the highest standards in medical treatments for any patients all around the world by combining the most effective treatment method with the lowest cost options.

ANO Group is also a model health tourism assistant company approved by the Ministry of Health which has the most professional and highly experienced team and infrastructure.

There are more than 20 specially selected hospitals under the roof of ANO Group International Health Tourism. This hospital network is carefully selected by the experienced health care team seeing from the patient’s perspective.

ANO Group selects the doctor and the hospital giving the best service by carrying out the patient’s all treatment processes. ANO Group does pre-interview with the doctor selected for the patient’s disease. ANO Group informs the patient about the treatment special for him after the interview with the doctors. ANO Group guarantees the lowest price for the similar surgical operation and treatment in Turkey



quantitative attributes of articles, documents or any other publications are used in tourism field progressively and give tips relevant scientific fields. Aim of this study is to reach some findings by examining health tourism articles in Turkish academic journals and ISI Web of Knowledge database with determined variables. For this purpose, 91 articles in Turkish academic journals and 155 articles in ISI Web of Knowledge database called also Web of Science which includes the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) are collected and examine in terms of bibliometrics characteristics. According to findings, academic studies on the subject of health tourism concentrated on especially in the last 7-8 years and most publications centered in 2011 (16.3%). %57.7 of articles covered in the study used the empirical approach and % 42.3 of articles were conceptual papers. Articles mostly published in tourism field (53),geography (44),medicine (32) respectively. As the articles in health tourism field researched, it can be seen that the studies in Turkish mainly centered on geography department under the sub-field of thermal, while articles published in English are centered on field of medicine under

methods for

assessments the sub-field of medical treatment. The studied

articles showed that most of the articles (% 61) tendtohavemultipleauthors.

As ANO Group Team, we are well aware of the difficulties in obtaining medical service in another country, and in a foreign culture. By working with ANO Group, You will feel always “at home” at every stage of your treatment. We will accompany you starting from the moment you enter the country up until you leave it.